My little dog Sasha meets her first cat, and likes it (video)

So, the dog and I stopped by a pet store on the way home yesterday, ostensibly to look for a winter coat – Sasha gets cold below 40F, and I left her sweater at mom’s.

So, while we’re trying on coats, this cat walks over and starts sniffing the jacket, and me, and not giving a care to the world that Sasha, a dog, albeit a 9.5 pound dog, is standing about 2 feet away just staring at this amazing new animal.

Sasha and the cat during a less friendly moment when the cat was really enjoying playing with Sasha’s leash, while Sasha sought refuge on the foot of some guy we didn’t know.

Sasha has never seen a cat. And judging by her growing dislike, or rather distrust, of other dogs, and her outright declaration of war on anything squirrel, I was expecting her first encounter with a cat – she’d never met one, nor even seen one I think – to go anything but well.

But what do you know, Sasha’s wagging her tail looking at the cat. I didn’t get video of their first encounter, since I wanted to make sure that my dog didn’t rip the throat off of the cat, or vice versa. But the store owner, who was the owner of the cat, assured me that the cat might bat at Sasha with her paws if she’d had enough of the dog, but wouldn’t use her claws unless attacked. So I let them be, grabbed my video, and watched.

And damned if Sasha didn’t walk up to the cat, tail wagging, and sniff her nose-to-nose.

Then the cat had had enough, and walked over to an empty shelf to lay down. Sasha was quite unhappy that her new discovery had run off, and started whining and barking in a way I hadn’t seen her do before. It was quite interesting. She clearly wanted the cat to come back and play.

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10 Responses to “My little dog Sasha meets her first cat, and likes it (video)”

  1. Yeah, working on that one :)

  2. Oh my god, I’d have died.

  3. Scott Bard says:

    We have a 3.5 lb chihuahua named Paco and a neighborhood cat that comes to the front door three times a day to be fed. Well, one day the cat decided it wanted to come in and explore, to which Paco and two other dogs took great offense, so they chased her up and down the stairs.

    Well, when the cat had had enough she headed back down for the door, whereupon Paco cornered her. One pop from the cat to the side of his neck and Paco’s jugular started spurting like a geyser! Thankfully, it stopped pretty quickly, because 3.5lb dogs don’t have a lot of blood to go around.

  4. Jim Olson says:

    Get a boyfriend. They’re self sufficient when you’re gone, and can take care of the dog. ;)

  5. Oh she’s quite the handful :)

  6. Island In The Sky says:

    Sash is a sweet-looking pup!

  7. Yeah, it’s amazing how each animal really has its own personality. And Indigo, I’d gladly get Sasha a kitten but I have one small dog so that when I travel I can drop her at mom’s, if I’m gone for any length of time, and I can’t do that with a cat too – can’t fly with both of them for starters, to get them to mom. Otherwise, I’d love to get her a companion – she’s quite the interpersonal dog, doesn’t want to sit by your side all day, would rather play with you, so wish I had someone for her.

  8. Joe Bosse says:

    My dogs really like cats, I’ve had several over the years (some rescues I had were old when i got them) and most of them were cool with the dogs, in winter they’d all pile up together by the fire. But this newest cat (of more than 8 years) grew up next to some mean kids with a yard full of dogs, so she doesn’t like kids or dogs and attacks first. She only has one room to go in inside the house, which is all her fault! Socks is mean to kids and dogs and plays pretty rough with me, but i found her in Newnan Georgia renovating an old house, the first time I saw her she was catching fish out of the stream behind the house and was a tiny little thing, I watched her catch and eat three minnows before she noticed me, and then she ran right up to me purring. I started feeding her, and at the end of the job (it took 5 months) I just had to bring her home with me.
    But of course the first thing my dogs Bailey and Lance did was run up to her wanting to say hi and play. Socks wasn’t having any of that an jumped on Lance first (my pit bull) and went straight for the head! after lance shreiked a few times she jumped off and ran right for Bailey (my Australian Shepard) jumping on her head and raking for her eyes. Bailey shook her off and Socks ran straight up a tree. It took me almost 3 hours to coax Socks out of the tree and get her inside.
    I’d hoped after a while Socks would realize the dogs are safe, but she doesn’t care, she just wants to attack them if she gets out of her room inside and of course she runs from them outside and being dogs they bark and chase her when she does.
    Animals are as variable in their attitudes and reactions as people are. But it’s always nicer when they get along.

  9. Indigo says:

    It’s obvious that Sasha is ready to take on responsibilities. You should take Sasha to the humane shelter where she can pick out a kitty to rescue and bring home. Sasha would be a wonderful surrogate to parent a kitty and teach it where you keep all the food and treats. Many dogs who adopt a kitten also develop a taste for cat food which, all things considered, is far classier than commercial dog food.

  10. karmanot says:

    That was clearly a liberal cat! You go Sasha.

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