British cat seriously enjoying its first snow (video)

I’m actually a bit surprised.

I’d have thought the cat would find snow rather unappealing. I know my Sasha can’t stand the stuff. Then again, she sometimes finds walking on grass, rather than the sidewalk, a bit beneath her.

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7 Responses to “British cat seriously enjoying its first snow (video)”

  1. Krusher says:

    VERY nice! Looked like a nice, light, fluffy snow. I imagine if it had been a soggy, wet heavy snow the kitty might not have been quite so enthusiastic.

  2. Snowman says:

    Cool video, which inspired me to see what else was online and I found a collection of 10 snow/animal vids at:

    I’d never seen any of them before, but I found the most amazing one to be “Baily the Unknown Reindeer”, (which is apparently a few years old), where a 3′ tall dog runs, jumps and tunnels through a 4′ snowfall. (Which would probably be something like Sasha in an 18″ snow)

  3. karmanot says:

    What Cole said: Cool Cat!

  4. and shortly after that the chill gets through the fur

  5. bkmn says:

    You should see my cat run out on the deck, even as cold as it can be in MN to hop up on a planter and take a piss. In his mind there is nothing that gives him more pleasure than to pee in the fresh air.

  6. Sue Melke says:

    that was fun. at about 140 she seems to suddenly notice there is snow in the air.

  7. cole3244 says:

    now that’s a cool cat, literally & figuratively.

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