8 week old corgi puppy discovers tennis ball, adorableness ensues (video)

This reminds me of when Sasha met her first blueberry.

First, the corgi, then below it, Sasha and her diabolical piece of fruit.

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10 Responses to “8 week old corgi puppy discovers tennis ball, adorableness ensues (video)”

  1. wubbo says:

    A few grapes won’t likely kill them, in the same way that a little bit of salmonella won’t likely kill you. You still wouldn’t want to make a diet of it.

  2. nannasin smith says:

    it is simply adorable.

  3. Beth Worthy says:

    Adorable videos. My cat does what Sasha’s doing
    here. Scampers away when she’s offered and sniffs something she doesn’t want.
    No, blueberries aren’t great for fogs. Anything with sugar content isn’t I
    guess. Having fun for a bit is cool, but if the dogs starts to like them then
    it isn’t okay. The little puppy playing with the ball is simply adorable.
    They do all kinds of funny things, don’t they!

  4. Jim says:

    I never knew grapes were bad for dogs. Our old cocker spaniel used to love them! He live to be 17.

  5. My cat does that every day with mice; just before she bites their heads off.

  6. pappyvet says:

    LOL ! Many paper towels later,I discovered the truth of it.

  7. Oh? Perhaps he knew that daddy shouldn’t have been giving dogs grapes ;-)

  8. kingstonbears says:

    Guess she showed you who’s boss!! We know from experience as we have a pair of miniature schnauzers who let us share the house with them.

  9. pappyvet says:

    Way too adorable John ! Reminds me of my long haired Dachsund Lewy and his grape.

  10. condew says:

    Reminds me of Romney and his family outing, with the dog tied to the top of the car.

    Oh, never mind, this isn’t another Republican overreach outreach.

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