The rescue of Bethany, the stray dog (video)

I’ve been going through the dog rescue videos and two things are readily apparent.

One, the dog rescue people truly have a way with dogs. It’s amazing to watch these guys woo a stray, over a two hour period, so they can not only capture the dog, but more or less get the dog to agree to willingly go with them.

And two, boy these guys know how to make a video.


This is Bethany, a stray that they found on the street with mange and several infections. Her paws were so swollen, she could barely walk, and even then, only on three feet.



Here’s Bethany, a little over a month after they rescued her:



I’m just amazed to watch how they win over even the most terrified animal, slowly slowly. ┬áIt’s really amazing, and heart-warming.

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