Touching story of 3 chihuahuas rescued from the street (video)

A touching story of how three chihuahuas – Marty, Penny and Brooklyn – were rescued recently from the streets of southern California. (H/t to reader PaulaBFlat for tipping us off to this story.)


Two of the three have survived – the smallest, Penny, the middle dog in the photo above, passed away four days after she was rescued, from congestive heart failure – and they are up for adoption in southern California, if anyone is interested.


It will rip your heart out watching the rescue – the dogs are so afraid, but finally won over. It’s a credit the animal shelter how they ended up capturing the dogs. It was all gentle and nice, taking their time to get the animals to come on their own volition (mostly).


Here’s Brooklyn’s adoption page, and here’s Marty’s. And here’s the video of the rescue:

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15 Responses to “Touching story of 3 chihuahuas rescued from the street (video)”

  1. rextrek says:

    awe – ok got me verklempt

  2. Yep we posted that one at the time.

  3. paulabflat says:

    i…i…must have….swooned…

  4. paulabflat says:

    thanks for the hat tip, john. it was, after all, you who introduced me to billy and his story. so lovely but ultimately sad. bitter and sweet.
    i hope you’ll visit eldad’s youtube often. he certainly deserves support, as do all of these grassroots rescue orgs.
    blog on.

  5. Clevelandchick says:

    Betty is beautiful, your lucky day indeed.

  6. Clevelandchick says:

    Sobbing…I’m so glad Penny knew some love and comfort before she died but it breaks my heart it was only for four days. These stories have wrenching effect – restored faith in humanity of the rescuer and lady who fed them and disgust at the inhumanity the creeps who dumped and shot them with bb guns.

  7. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    My little girl was found hiding in a basement window well. She grew into a real beauty.

  8. So adorable! We rarely get cute little things like that in Dc.

  9. HKDaniel says:

    And on a happier note-

    For any dog lover, and cat fanciers too, this is freaking awesome – –

  10. HKDaniel says:

    Our Betty was abandoned on the streets of Hong Kong and came to us through the lovely people at HK Dog Rescue.

    How anyone can be so cruel to an animal, especially one that has shared your life, is beyond me.

    It was our lucky day.

  11. cole3244 says:

    go to hope for paws . org & look at their front page video about fiona, bring a hanky with you though.

  12. There have just been some awfully tear-jerking videos crossing my path of late :)

  13. Oh wow, you got him 2 months ago? That was quite a find, getting a yorkie via rescue. Good for you, on multiple fronts :)

  14. cole3244 says:

    i saw a video from that same org a couple years ago and it was even more heart wrenching believe it or not, i’m a sucker for all species and why can’t there be more good people like that and fewer like those with the bb gun, animal abuse is tantamount to child abuse in my eyes and should be treated in a similar manner legally.
    ps – i still argue someone here has kleenex stock & is rolling in dough.

  15. jsb says:

    Well that got me crying. I have my Yorkie (Mike) in my lap now, he was abandoned, the 2 months since I got him have been filled with 4 lbs. of joy.

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