Goat decides on its own to guide blind horse for 16 years (video)

A really touching video about a woman who owns a goat and a horse, and the beautiful relationship that develops between the two animals.

At one point, the horse, Charlie (yes, Charlie-Horse), went blind. She decided that it was time to put him down, but what happens? Their goat, Jack, somehow befriends the horse and starts leading it around.

This goes on for 16 years.

Finally, at around age 40, Charlie the horse dies. Shortly thereafter, the goat starts to slow down and it’s clear his time is almost over as well.


“Who would think that a goat would take up with a blind horse and spend years doing nothing but babysitting this animal, just because he needed help?”

Jack the goat, and Charlie the horse.

Jack the goat, and Charlie the horse.

It’s just such a beautifully moving story.

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18 Responses to “Goat decides on its own to guide blind horse for 16 years (video)”

  1. forer93 says:

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  2. COPPERTOPP says:

    Haven’t ya ever heard the saying ” don’t let em’ get yer goat” ? Well they use to put goats in with race horses to keep em calm. When someone wanted to upseta race they would get the goat to upset the horse. Oh and the writing above the article says Charlie died at 40.

  3. Phaerisee says:

    I lost an 18 year old cat a few years ago. I can’t listen to Sweet Melissa by
    The Allman Brothers or Morning has Broken by Cat Stephens without it feeling like someone is clutching my heart, because those were her songs. :)

  4. BeccaM says:

    You’re welcome…and thank you.

  5. Phaerisee says:

    I felt a twinge when I read that, there are a lot of good people around this site. :) Thanks to all of you for brightening my day.

  6. Phaerisee says:

    What an amazing post. Thanks for sharing that with me :)

  7. Clevelandchick says:

    Yes. Miss my Karly & Radar so much.

  8. SharonB says:

    What gives me the most peace when contemplating the eventual death that we all will experience, is that I will finally go to be with my pets. With Jessie, Skipper, Rusty, Buster, Holly, Beau, and someday Casey and Finegan.
    I don’t so much have any feelings about seeing my Mom again, who was spiritually abusive to me. I am OK with seeing my Dad, who over-disciplined. I won’t care to see most of my brothers who are arrogant assholes.
    I will be thrilled to be reunited with my pets at Rainbow Bridge.
    Thanks, John for sharing that story, and Phaerisee for your thought -provoking interjection.

  9. kladinvt says:

    Another great example demonstrating the animals are not “things” but feeling, thinking beings, that deserve our respect.

  10. milli2 says:

    Gee thanks, John, for the watery red eyes this morning. Seriously, great story. Its amazing to learn about the depth of animal emotions, but also sad that we’ve mistreated so many of them for so long simply because we thought they didn’t possess them.

  11. Ah, nothing like finding the negative in an inspirational story :) The video wasn’t clear. She says at the beginning of the video that the horse is 40, and it’s been with the goat for 16 years. The video doesn’t say how old the horse was when he died. So perhaps the horse was 26 when he started going blind.

  12. dinska says:

    A 56 year old horse? Really? I mean the story is great, but the reporting ….

  13. HelenRainier says:

    Yet another story of an unlikely animal friendship that accentuates the fact that we can learn so much from the animals around us if we choose to open our minds and learn.

  14. BeccaM says:

    It’s been over 10 years and I still sometimes dream of my Newfoundland… What’s worst of all is I sometimes dream lucidly, and these are usually the ones where I realize, “Oh no… this isn’t real, she isn’t really here.”

  15. Phaerisee says:

    It’s strange as you get older and wiser you realize that most of your true friends in your life were pets.

  16. cole3244 says:

    touching story, another reason i prefer animals to humans, their love is genuine with no strings attached, imho.

    thanks again.

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