Cats being dicks to dogs (video)

From HuffPost Comedy, a collection of videos showing dogs terrified of walking by the cat that shares the home with them.


“I’m not gonna come up there and get you, you’ve gotta learn to walk by the cat.”

I think what’s most fascinating to me is that the cats are just sitting there, doing nothing, but the dogs know better. They’re not gonna dare walk by. And by the end of the video, when several dogs do finally get the nerve to sneak by the sphinx-like cats, most of the cats take a swat at the dogs.

Cats are not nice people.


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73 Responses to “Cats being dicks to dogs (video)”

  1. mirror says:

    Yes, cats can learn things like tricks. But it takes a very different approach from dogs most of the time. First, dogs really do want approval in a very human way. Cats will spend some time learning something in exchange for treats, but the process is slow. Partly because they get bored pretty fast, so you can only train for 10 minutes or less at a time. But they often start out interested. I think they enjoy the process. And most are naturally curious and interested in new things if they aren’t scary. If you look at videos of
    the Moscow Cat Theater, you can see that they can train cats to do some amazing things, but notice that they use a lot of different cats, partly because you just can’t get a cat to stay focussed on what you want it to focus on for a
    long time. Note also that they actually give the cats treats as rewards
    during the performance. Once you have a dog trained you can substitute
    other rewards, such as approval.

    That brings up another issue that more directly relates to the issue at hand, your very perceptive question. The default method of training an animal not to do something is usually negative reinforcement. I’ve heard of people successfully using squirt bottles or whatever to keep cats off tables, but for the most part negative reinforcement doesn’t work that well with cats. Don’t know if it would work here. For the most part, if you wack them when they scratch the dog, they won’t make the connection. I’ve even read theories that suggest that dogs who appear to be responding to negative reinforcement are actually responding to other queues, and there are rather elegant experiments that have been done to show this but I can’t remember what they are. I know that negative reinforcement is not used for big cat training like it was in the far off past. They actually train better with positive reinforcement and are way safer to work with. Even my small cats are freakishly stubborn and you can tell they don’t accept being bullied. I am totally fascinated by their alien nature and enjoy sharing space with them. Other people find it disturbing. With a dog you can have a more human-like social relationship. Cats also seem to all be very different from each other in their personalities, likes and dislikes. They can be stubbornly eccentric. Sorry, to much
    blather. Basically, I’ve trained my cats to do some things, but I get
    bored too easily myself as well…

  2. karmanot says:

    down vote from a poop eater. How cool is that?

  3. karmanot says:

    OMG! You nailed it. Cats are Randians.

  4. karmanot says:

    I so agree. What I don’t understand is why kittah’s seem to like me.

  5. karmanot says:

    Even so it’s a dog’s world.

  6. karmanot says:

    Too much information. GAAAAAA :-)

  7. Phylter says:

    Dogs have masters, cats have staff. It’s that simple. I have 2 cats (soon to be three) The eldest is a Maine Coon, he’s seven. If he comes and sits at my feet and won’t budge, we have a service problem. Either the litter box isn’t up to snuff, or the water bowl needs filling, or whatever. One HAS to maintain STANDARDS!

  8. Bomer says:

    Proof cat’s aren’t evil. They’ll help you learn Spanish!

  9. Bomer says:

    I dunno about that =). Basically I just let them be themselves. Pyewacket (he’s the one in the video down thread) was a rescue kitty that picked me (he caught me with his paw through his cage and we ended up playing for 15 mins and I came back the next day and adopted him) and he likes to be loved up on but does not like to be held. He’ll crawl onto your lap, but only when he wants to. He also likes to pull my brother’s and nephew’s hair…he only does it to them. I think it’s their shampoo….

    Pumpkin I’ve had since he was born (minus a few months when he had to go to my brother’s) and he’s the one that sleeps under the covers. He also likes to climb on my shoulders. He’s been doing that since he was a kitten: I would be in the kitchen cooking and the next thing I knew I had a small kitten on my shoulders (he then took to sleeping in the hood of my jacket…he still tries even though he’s too big to fit now). He also likes to give headbutt kisses.

    Monster (he’s just a few months old) my mom found in the parking lot just before Halloween. He’s super affectionate and will jump in my lap anytime and starts purring immediately and, because his still a kitten, he plays constantly. He’s also quite adept and clearing the other two cats off the sofa and hogging it all to himself. We’ll see how much he still loves me after he goes down in a month or so and gets fixed, lol.

  10. Bomer says:

    Oh, and I taught my mom’s half Siamese to give headbutts if you told him to give you a kiss.

  11. Whitewitch says:

    Maybe you are a Cat Whisper Bomer! Sounds wonderful.

  12. Bomer says:

    We only ever had one cat that was mean. It was a little female that we (my brother and I) named Medea and was a mean spirited sneaky cat. Damn thing almost put out my eye when I tried to get her down from a closet shelf. But she was given to us by friends of my mother so I don’t know what she went through before she ended up with us. She ended up being my mother’s cat since they got along well enough.

    As for affection…my current ones are lap hogs and pester me constantly. One of them even sleeps under the covers with me (he worms his way under) when he gets cold. Which is an improvement from when he was a kitten and used to sleep across my neck. When my grandmother naps on the sofa she usually has at least one of the monsters keeping her feet warm.

  13. Bomer says:

    I have no idea. He’s a rescue kitty and as far as I know not any particular breed (what’s the cat version of a mutt?). I just know that he’ll only play fetch with a ball made out of pipe cleaners. I don’t know why.

  14. Bomer says:

    My aunt taught her cat (years ago) how to use the toilet as opposed to a litter box. And, believe it or not, there is such a thing as a cat circus where they have cats perform tricks and what have you.

    As for learning things to benefit themselves…I do that too so not gonna knock it when my cats do it =P

  15. I call those “dog cats.” Aren’t they only certain breeds that do this? I took care of one once, played fetch, and also liked me to spook it and make it run around the house, just like a dog.

  16. Oh, well sure, they can LEARN THINGS TO BENEFIT THEMSELVES. I meant whether it’s possible for US to ever teach a cat anything? :)

  17. Whitewitch says:

    I think you have hit the nail on the head Webster!

  18. Though dogs, even very small dogs, have the same skill when it comes to where to place themselves in the bed when you get up in the middle of the night to go to bathroom.

  19. Whitewitch says:

    Hi Bomer…I agree Cats aren’t really evil. I was using hyperbole to express my sadness that they can be a bit standoffish and like my husband…grumpy when disturbed, rude when asked to do something and only affectionate when they want something (like sex for the hubby, treats for the cat).

    I should probably give cats a break and not make them take the brunt of my frustration with men in general.

    I have had many cats, good and bad. I have adored them and worshipped them and grieved for them when they passed.

    Your cats all sound like angels! I am glad they care for your Grandmother so well.

  20. Whitewitch says:

    Hahaha….like bunny slippers only kitty slippers!!!!

  21. ronbo says:

    My adopted outdoor cat allows me to pet her for a brief while and then signals the end of the session by literally biting the hand that feeds her. So you see, they only attack the ones they love.

  22. mrspeel2 says:

    Those doags are smart not wanting to walk by! Have you ever been swiped by a cat? It HURTS A LOT!!

  23. Webster says:

    You simply have to learn the nature of the cat. Cats know they are the Center of the Universe and everything revolves around them. When other creatures finally realize that and act accordingly, then all is well. Ancient Egypt is the only place that treated cats with proper deference, making Bast the major goddess of the nation for over 400 years. If we returned to that wisdom, the world would be a more harmonious place.

  24. Bomer says:

    And here’s a short video of my cat playing fetch. It’s from a few years back…he’s not that skinny anymore.

  25. olandp says:

    I sometimes wish that one of my cats would take a sway at the dogs, it might make the dogs leave them alone.

  26. heimaey says:

    There was this guy in Key West, I don’t think he’s still there, but he used to teach his cats to act like lions and they did this whole circus show of tricks, walking on tight ropes, etc. You can also teach them to use the toilet, so yes, you can teach them, but my guess is it’s a lot more work than a dog. That being said, my dogs never listen, so it’s probably me.

  27. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    “Cats can work out mathematically the exact place to sit that will cause most inconvenience.”
    ― Pam Brown

  28. Bomer says:

    I had a cat that learned how to open doors. She would stand on her hind legs, catch the door knob between her front paws, then work the knob until she heard it click, hop down and slid a paw on the door and pull the door open. One of my current cats plays fetch (which he loves and will play for hours if you’re up to tossing a ball for that long).

  29. zorbear says:

    Except maybe Poodles, which are half-cat…

  30. zorbear says:

    Absolutely! Dogs are here to remind us that unconditional love IS possible…

  31. Bomer says:

    Cats aren’t evil. I have had four cats since my grandmother developed diabetes (Type 1) and every single one of them has at some point woken her up when her blood sugar crashed while she was asleep. They’ve kept at her until she’s checked her sugar and taken something to bring it back up again. Once it’s back up they curl up with her and go back to sleep.

    When I was 11 or so I had a cat that used to make the rounds of the neighbors every morning and spend time with them. She would let them pet her and say hello for a few minutes then move on to the next one. She didn’t want food or anything (she wouldn’t eat anything that they tried to give her), she was just being friendly.

  32. WilmRoget says:

    Yes, but it depends on the cat. Just as you cannot teach all humans not to terrorize other humans, or other living things, not all cats can learn. Nor can all dogs. I’ve got a friend desperate to find a home for a well-trained pit bull, but because so many people train pits to be vicious, it is nearly impossible to re-home a well-behaved one.

  33. WilmRoget says:

    Of course, my dog, who outweighs my cats, sits outside the kitty door to the room where the cat box, trapping them in or out as the case may be.

    So doesn’t that mean that dogs are evil?

  34. emjayay says:

    Recent story about MRI scanning of nonanaethicised dog’s brains for emotional resonse:
    It’s pretty obvious to any dog owner that they have emotional lives quite similar to human’s.

  35. emjayay says:

    That would be a tough one I think.

  36. emjayay says:

    It’s also strongly related to their early kitty experience with their mother.

  37. emjayay says:

    Like you could stop them?

  38. Monoceros Forth says:

    I’ve got two cats and they do that to each other! Of course the standoff never lasts nearly as long as in these examples.

    For the cat is cryptic, and close to strange things which men cannot see. He is the soul of antique Aegyptus, and bearer of tales from forgotten cities in Meroë and Ophir. He is the kin of the jungle’s lords, and heir to the secrets of hoary and sinister Africa. The Sphinx is his cousin, and he speaks her language; but he is more ancient than the Sphinx, and remembers that which she hath forgotten.

    (H. P. Lovecraft)

  39. karmanot says:

    It’s good to remind cats that they would make warm house slippers.

  40. karmanot says:

    I beg to disagree, Dogs are Bodhisattva’s. :-)

  41. Anything? Can cats learn tricks? Can you teach them “not” to do things, like not to terrorize the dog?

  42. Whitewitch says:

    Normally Zorba I totally agree with you on this one though I am afraid we must agree to disagree…men are like cats, detached and distracted. The only dog like thing is the humping everything they see…and cats are totally republicans – their way or the highway. I have loved many cats and I am not being uncaring I promise – nor am I trying to denigrate the wonderful cats…just saying…they are republicans.

  43. Zorba says:

    I echo heimaey. Just what things are you talking about?
    Cats can learn a whole lot of things. The are just not necessarily as willing to slobber over you as dogs.
    This is not meant to denigrate dogs. We have always owned, and loved, both dogs and cats. But their very natures are completely different.

  44. Zorba says:

    I agree.

  45. Zorba says:

    Sorry, but cats are Independents.
    Dogs are Republicans- you can train them to do what you want, unthinkingly, with a few biscuits.

  46. usagi says:

    All I know is if the corgi and the jack russell aren’t walking past, I’m not either.

  47. usagi says:
    Des Hommes et des Chatons. THE best tumblr ever.

  48. Zorba says:

    See my response above. I don’t think cats are like men. I think that I am a cat, for instance, and I know several strong women who are cat-like.

    OTOH, I do know more than a few men who are dog-like. Give them some good food and some good sex on a regular basis, and they are yours.

    Okay, okay, sorry, guys. I know that’s not nearly all men, but that does describe a lot of males. I am talking straight males here, but I’m betting that describes some gay males, too.
    And we have owned many cats over the years who I know damned well loved us, BTW. Cats are much more discriminating than dogs, however, and they do not distribute their love willy-nilly. Their love is much more subtle and selective.

  49. Whitewitch says:

    You are absolutely correct Zorba…they don’t see us as the Big Kahnuna or anything else of value in their life…in fact they don’t even really need us for food, as proof of that ChaCha was an avid hunter who often brought home food and laid it at my feet as if to say – “you are such a dork – I know you need help – here have some food”. I loved my cats…and served them well…just like I have loved the men in my life and served them well. It is my lot in life I suppose and the reward of an occasional hug is good.

  50. Zorba says:

    I disagree, Whitewitch. Cats are not evil, they are just cats.
    Heimaey is correct, they are not as “domesticated” (in a sense) as dogs, but it goes much farther than that.
    Wild dogs were animals that evolved to be a member of a pack. Once they became domesticated, their humans became their “pack.” They evolved to be deferential to the “big Kahnuna,” as it were, and we became that Kahuna.
    Wild small jungle cats were not pack animals. They evolved to take care of themselves. And when cats were first more or less “domesticated,” they were not bred to be brought into the family/clan unit and help humans hunt, protect them, serve as watch animals, eventually be herders, and so on. Cats mainly served as vermin control. The ancient Egyptians revered and deified their cats, though, unlike many other cultures.
    We have always owned both dogs and cats, and I love them both. But at the end of the day, I would have to say that I am more cat than dog. I am in nobody’s “pack.” I am what I am. ;-)

  51. mirror says:

    I don’t think you know anything about cats.

  52. heimaey says:

    LOL they’re like men. Love it. LOL’ing. True true! :)
    oh and edit – glad Satan is alive and well.

  53. Whitewitch says:

    Ohhh Heimaey…Satan is still alive and well – he is over 20 years old and lives happily with a very nice man that opened his home to him when I moved from the east to west coast. I think he is happier there…he likes men alot. And I actually loved that cat…sadly he did not love me.

    I totally agree with the feral thing and probably with the fact that cats are not really domesticated like dogs…maybe in time…for now – Cats are sort of like men…you can love them…you can feed them…but you will never know if they truly love you.

  54. heimaey says:

    I don’t own a cat, but I had one for a brief time. That cat was the sweetest animal I ever had. She was super needy and pretty much acted like a dog. I think the problem with cats is that they can be hit or miss, and unlike dogs once they’re feral it’s almost impossible to get them out of a feral state or change them if they’ve reverted back. Again, part of this (if not most) has to do with domestication time lines, but is also species related. Sorry about your experiences though… RIP Satan kitties.

  55. Whitewitch says:

    Must have been Satan’s littermate. I gave him to a nice older gay man when I left DC ….on the premise he would not make the journey cross-country. The truth….I just wanted him to find a nice home in a man-only environment…so he could be happy and I could be no longer tortured.

  56. I remember one of the readers writing about her cat that used to like to jump on the headboard, early in the morning, when she and her husband were still asleep, and then land on her husband’s chest LOL

  57. Whitewitch says:

    Cats are evil Heimaey…I had a cat that I actually renamed Satan and he would totally have eaten me. He only liked men…he was kinder to them…but he loved to get on the closet shelf and jump on top of me – clawing and hissing….I have had several cats that I have loved and cared for – I am not sure they ever loved me, they were kinder than Satan…they tolerated me and when they needed something they let me provide it. RIP ChaCha and BooBoo.

  58. Krusher says:

    Cats being cats. And here’s one for you, John. Not a video, a photo compilation of hunky male models and their feline counterparts. I think this is an old one, I seem to recall having seen it a couple of years ago, but it’s been long enough ago that it’s new to me again, and I laughed like a fool. (see, old age and forgetfulness have their advantages).

  59. heimaey says:

    This made me laugh out loud.

  60. Whitewitch says:

    Kahlua and Cream???? Going now to have one! Thanks for the Inspiration.

  61. heimaey says:

    My puppy met his first deli cat on the street the other day. He got swapped and still came back and the the second time the cat started showing him some affection.

  62. Whitewitch says:

    Cats are evil…even when the poor puppies tried to reason with them – they would not budge. Cats are Republicans…..

  63. heimaey says:

    Cats are not evil and they would not eat us if they were bigger. They are not as domesticated as dogs and have a different sense of affection. Some of the cats in that video were just playing with those dogs, others were just being territorial which is what they do.

    As for the owners letting their cats “terrorize” their dogs. Yeah, those dogs have it horrible – they could be out on the street or in a shelter. Once in a while the owners think it’s cute to tease them, and sometimes they are just teaching them to deal with a cat. When the dog isn’t scared to walk around the cat, they are less likely to swap at them. They are mostly doing it because they can get away with it – when they know they can’t, they’ll stop. Or they’ll do it much less. They’re probably doing those dogs more of a favor than anything. If they own both cats and dogs they have to learn how to live together.

  64. Serious question – can cats learn such things?

  65. If you watch the end of the video, you’ll see almost every cat that’s just sitting there take a swipe at the dog, a la Lucy with the football. :)

  66. arcadesproject says:

    So how are the cats being dicks? They’re just sitting there, for the most part. And the dogs are acting like congressional democrats.

  67. get your feet out! says:

    Seriously, these owners seem to think it’s funny that their dogs are terrified of the cat. This means that they allow the cat to terrorize the dog. Not cool, at all. Bad owner, bad!!!

  68. get your feet out! says:

    Cats are evil. If they were bigger, they’d torture then eat us. And if I were a dog who had learned that I wasn’t supposed to F with the other house critters, but the cat hadn’t also learned this lesson, I’d be honked at my “owner.”

    And I’m also honked at the owners for allowing the cat to terrorize the dog with near impunity.

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