CA highway patrol rescues chihuahua from middle of freeway

This is a great story.  The California Highway Patrol (CHIPS, remember them?) responded to a call last Friday that a small chihuahua was seen running down the middle of highway I-680 in Walnut Creek, California (just east of Berkeley).


The poor thing was seen running in the traffic lanes.  The police think she was abandoned by her owner, on the highway.

When the police showed up, they found the dog, estimated to be around 2 years old, in the sitting in the middle of the highway divide.  It was shaking, but did permit the officers to pet it.  They had no way to take the animal away on their motorcycles, so they called animal control, which rescued the pup.

The dog had no microchip, tag or collar.

When they got her to the shelter, she was still shaking:


Contra Costa Animal Services posted a photo of the dog after it was rescued. She appears a bit less freaked out in this shot:


Then last night, they posted another update, showing the dog coming out of its shell with two volunteers at the shelter yesterday.



Apparently a lot of people have called, wanting to adopt Freeway, as the dog is now being called.  They’re going to have a lottery.  Here’s a new report on Freeway’s rescue and how she’s doing.  Check out the happy little white dog about 1:20 into the video.

Oh yeah, the week before the California Highway Patrol helped save a bunch of goats from the freeway:

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7 Responses to “CA highway patrol rescues chihuahua from middle of freeway”

  1. vickif says:

    I would say wasps instead of flies. I guess I’m too bloodthirsty this morning.

  2. Nava Dahal says:

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  3. 2karmanot says:

    Good work Cole!

  4. cole3244 says:

    it would be nice if people would adopt without wanting to get involved because of the notoriety, rather than joining the lottery how about looking through the kennel and adopting another deserving animal that is there.

    i found a duck walking in the middle of the road on the way to the doctor last week & i stopped and led it back into the canal, the only thing people did was to honk at me and yell obscenities but no one stopped, we are a vile species unless there is a camera running.

  5. milli2 says:

    I will be happy to ship some!

  6. emjayay says:

    California is unfortunately blackfly free. In fact in San Francisco for example no one bothers with window screens.

  7. milli2 says:

    If someone did indeed leave that dog on the highway, may they have a large swarm of angry biting flies follow them for the rest of their lives.

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