The roosters of the Square du Temple

Walking through Paris with my friend Régis the other day, we came upon a beautiful park right across from the local city hall in the 3rd arrondissement (Paris has a city hall and a mayor for each neighborhood).

I’d stumbled on this park before, it’s called the Square du Temple, and it’s just lovely.

Huge gorgeous trees, kids playing, even a little pond in the middle — just great.

square-du-temple-parisWhat we didn’t expect to find in the park were two rather happy roosters.

There they were, just clucking away in the flowerbeds.

roostersI kept looking around, expecting to see someone claiming the birds. And finally another woman walked by and explained.

It seems the first bird appeared about a month ago.  A man from the countryside had come to town and dropped it off.  Reason unknown.  Then, a few days ago, a second man came by and dropped off his rooster as well. So now there were two.

I think we have a budding tradition.


It’s unclear how the birds will handle the winter. Paris winters are usually a bit better, or sometimes a bit worse, than the typical Washington, DC winter. And in addition to the cold, which I’ve read the birds can handle pretty well, there’s the question of what they’ll eat in the winter.  But I suspect if the city lets them hang out that long, someone will come by and throw them bird food (or whatever chickens eat).

It will be interesting to see if the city in fact lets them stay.

Here’s a quick video I shot of the roosters, with a quick cameo by Régis.

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