Great white shark gets stuck in shark cage with 2 divers (video)

Creepy. Having done a shark cage “dive” in South Africa, I can only imagine what these guys were thinking.

The cage is strong enough, and it’s true there are bars to hold on to inside the cage (that aren’t exposed to the outside of the cage).  But still, they could have easily been killed.  Especially when the shark bites through the one guy’s airline, and that’s the end of that.

This had to be a bit nerve-wracking.

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2 Responses to “Great white shark gets stuck in shark cage with 2 divers (video)”

  1. Nathan Strange says:

    This was most likely in False Bay South Africa off the coast from the place I live.

  2. Russ says:

    Well? What about the shark?? the program shows the same 10 second clips over & over then ends – I’m concerned about the shark and whether or not it was safe or injured by getting stuck in the cage…

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