From my favorite new Web site, Animals Being Dicks.

I know it’s terrible, but I just can’t stop laughing.


Goodbye city life!

And Dom, on Twitter, God bless him, found the original video – with music. It’s longer, and possibly even better.

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39 Responses to “Cat #FAIL”

  1. Mike_in_Houston says:

    Well, that is what I intend to do, John. I’ve got too many groups clamoring for my the few dollars I can give for me to give any of it to somebody who in my judgment has a mean streak. (Nice pot shot by the way, “I just keep watching it and laughing, LOL.” The best defense, and all of that.)
    I hope that you will take a close look at the responses you’ve gotten to this video, which can best be described as “mixed,” and next time think twice before you post a video that is going to come across as offensive to a good percentage of your readers. Maybe you can contact the ones who thought it was as hysterical as you did and set up a separate e-mail distribution list just for them, and spare the rest of us your idea of “funny.”
    I won’t be coming back to this page again, so if you respond, you will have the last word.
    By the way, the fastest way for a person to get me not to listen to him is for that person to tell me that I “need” to do something.

  2. Pat Bahn says:

    1) cats have free will, 2) cats have sentience, 3) cats make conscious choices. This cat chose to go over the ledge and jump, he/she just blew the jump and there was a video of it.

    Our cat occasionally blows a jump and we laugh and then we pick him up and cuddle him.

    Cats make mistakes and this one is now an internet meme.

  3. Pat Bahn says:

    it looks like the cat misjudged the traction on the ledge. But he’s probably fine, it looks like a 2-4 story drop, and unless there were spikes down there, cats handle falls from tall buildings quite well.

  4. Dusty Jerry says:

    You need weed in your life. I say you ran wild with this video clip and you hit back by acting even wilder and somehow explaining there’s justification in it. Have fun amigo, I’ll be living my life with a whole lot more smiles… believe that!

  5. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Last week, I was really mad at my cat when she brought down that deer.

    Saying a cat is intentionally cruel is giving them credit for higher thinking. I can just see the cats twirling their whiskers while they laugh insanely. A cat is a natural predator. Their instinct tells them to go after anything that moves. They can realize that going after the St. Bernard may not be the best idea. I’m not happy that they go after birds (well the Blue Jays may be okay) and Thumper’s family. I don’t think I’m too happy about them going after the tree rats. However, it’s a good thing that they keep the vermin population down.

    All that being said, their human staff should be keeping the felines safely inside. My girl has spent her whole life inside. She doesn’t know anything else is possible.

  6. Just Saying says:

    Um… you do know that the domestic cat is the #1 killer of wildlife, right? Think about all the other animals the cats are intentionally cruel to. :-)

  7. The guy posted in the description of the original video, in response to folks who were concerned, that the cat didn’t die.

  8. Drew2u says:
    So much football (uk) but none of football (us)

  9. Diane Turner says:

    I have seen a cat fall 20 feet without being hurt. Of course, said cat hated me forever afterwards because I was the last thing it saw before it slid over the edge even though it was his own fault that he fell.

  10. justadood says:

    Looking at the full video, it looks like the cat’s only about second-floor or so. Didn’t seem scared to me–it actually settled itself before jumping…not something a scared critter does. I wonder if there was something below the ledge, because it did not look like the cat was aiming for the other balcony…

  11. Zorba says:

    LOL! I love the comment, K.!

  12. Zorba says:

    Oh for pity’s sake, lighten up.
    I enjoy the animal videos, plus the cultural ones, the nature ones, the occasional recipes, etc.
    John and his writers cover the political scene and issues quite well. But even newspapers don’t only cover hard news and editorial comment. They cover sports, celebrity gossip, recipes, restaurant and performing arts reviews, fashion, etc. Most of them even have a comics section.

  13. karmanot says:

    Oh man, I just love those videos and you could hardly call be non-controversial. I get more down arrows than St. Sebastian.

  14. Sharon Boyd says:

    Damn. That’s a Siamese – they are like $2,000 a pop here in the states. Nicked ears. A prowling Tom?

  15. keirmeister says:


  16. I think the video is funny. I think you need to lighten up, along with a lot of other people working on a lot of other issues. I think far too many people on the left spend every day looking for a new genocide to complain about, and it’s getting old. There is evil in this world, and this video of a cat isn’t it. I’m sorry you don’t like it. But telling me how you proudly don’t support our work, that we do for free, working 14 hour days, is not a great way to begin your plea for anything. I need to get back to taking on the religious right, trying to figure out why the women’s movement isn’t working, and more generally fighting the Republican party and trying to buck up Democrats to do the right thing. But you go on focusing on a single cat video, and how it defines my life’s work.

  17. keirmeister says:

    I had to go to YouTube to see the clip. The poster confirmed, from the original video, that the cat survived…whatever that means.

    But seriously…”the cat’s fear”? All cats are “afraid” when they’re caught being somewhere they shouldn’t. My cat looks exactly the same when I come into the kitchen and catch her on the counter. And what does she do? She quickly jumps off. She’s a cat!

  18. Mike_in_Houston says:

    John, I stopped donatng to your site several years ago because of crap like this. I still check the website for news items, although I have since then discovered other websites that cover most if not all of the topics you carry. Whether I keep coming to your site is of no importance, to me or, I’m sure, to you. However, I do think you’d do well to pay attention to some of the other people who have replied to this particular post and start keeping these “hysterical” videos to yourself.

  19. keirmeister says:

    That’s a lot of assumptions! It looks like the cat misjudged the distance to the other ledge. As a longtime cat owner, I’ve seen this before. It’s totally possible the poor thing got hurt, but don’t be surprised if it wasn’t that bad of a fall. My first cat jumped out of a second story window (onto concrete). He came back injured…but it was because he was fighting over a girl. The landing had nothing to do with it.

  20. Jonas Grumby says:

    I respectfully disagree. Have owned cats for years. The cats “hackles” weren’t up. It wasn’t hissing. It wasn’t skittish. It didn’t scramble. It just jumped.

  21. This Makes Me Sick says:

    Nothing funny about the deadly implications for this poor, frightened cat. You can’t stop laughing? There is something really wrong with you. To you, John Aravosis, and anyone else who is so spiritually bankrupt as to laugh at the suffering of another living being, laugh your way to hell. There will be lots of suffering there to keep you entertained.

  22. Suemarie says:

    How is that cat being a dick?

  23. I agree. I don’t think that cat wanted to jump. :(

  24. Jafafa Hots says:

    I just watched the full clip thinking it would give everything a happy context.
    It didn’t.

    That cat jumped specifically to get away from the person with the camera. Anyone who knows cats knows the body language.

    It may well have been a feral who came into the other window from an adjoining balcony or something… the torn ears make it even more likely to be feral.

    So the person likely were surprised to find a cat there, and took video, ignoring the cat’s fear.

  25. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    John, perhaps I’m more familiar with cats than you are. I believe that was a very scared cat. Someone was being cruel. I can honestly say I don’t remember another instance when I worried about one of the animals in a video. I even laughed at the Tosca cat.

  26. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    You do understand the word chance, don’t you.? I’m much more concerned with the full clip. That cat was exhibiting fearful behavior. The most obvious behavior was putting his ears back, but there was also the way he was looking at the photographer. When the photographer moved around the hanging clothing, it was obvious his/her plan was to make the cat jump. That was intentional cruelty. Even if the cat fell only one story, there is a possibility the cat may have hurt himself. I’m also aware that the cat may have dropped several stories and have been okay, but I don’t know that, do I?

    Yes, I do go off the graph where animals are concerned. They cannot speak for themselves, so I will supply at least one voice for them. Besides, a person lessens their humanity when they are intentionally cruel to any human or animal.

  27. Dusty Jerry says:

    dude… chill… this is a video of a cat just making the ever so rare miscalculated leap. You, my friend, took it wayyyy to far to start making calls that this cat died or got hurt. Oh hey, perhaps the “dead kitty” on the road was met with a marching band procession LOL… There’s a good chance your wild imagination is just plain wrong.

  28. Jonas Grumby says:

    Well I was amused. Furthermore, I had a cat once jup down 3 stories. Shook it’s head and ran back inside. Looking at the street that loks about 2 stories.

    Anyway . . . damn funny.

  29. Jonas Grumby says:


  30. txiconoclast says:

    I think I must have laughed for at least 5 minutes. Okay, I’m a horrible person and I’m going to hell, but damn that was funny.

  31. I’ll add that to the list, Debbie Downers. And I hardly “very often” post videos of animals being hurt, that’s ridiculous:

    Here is this better?

  32. News Nag says:

    I’m with you, Mike. John A. is a virtuous good guy hero of mine, but he tends to have a ha-ha sick sense of humor when it comes to animals. He very often posts ‘cute’ videos of animals being hurt or otherwise suffering. Whatever his problem is, I wish he’d grow a more loving compassionate heart for them. Maybe if they were gay.

  33. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    I’m sorry I looked at this. There’s a good chance that the cat was hurt or died.

  34. Tatts says:

    Aaaaaannnd then there were eight lives…

  35. Someone pointed me to the longer video, just posted it – it’s worth a watch

  36. And certainly whoever let her on that roof died a horrible, slow death already.

  37. I just keep watching it and laughing LOL Do check out the rest of that site.

  38. karmanot says:


  39. quax says:

    Well, it’s a cat, she may yet still live.

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