Hero dog pulls injured 2nd dog off highway to safety (video)

A dog gets hit by a car on a highway, then another dog runs out and literally pulls the dog off the road (both dogs survive, by the way).  It seems to have happened several years ago in Chile, but I hadn’t heard about it until today.  And after seeing the video, I had to post it.

And don’t worry, I chose the video that does NOT show the dog getting hit, some of them do, this one does not.  This one only shows it being saved, it’s really sweet.

It’d be interesting to find someone who is truly a dog expert to explain just what is going on in this video.


This is one is quite interesting as well. A dog helps another struggling dog out of a swimming pool (not clear why the human filming it didn’t help).

And from Argentina, a report of a dog finding a newborn baby boy, abandoned by his 14 year old mother, and then somehow the dog took the kid in and kept it alive until neighbors heard it crying and came over.

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16 Responses to “Hero dog pulls injured 2nd dog off highway to safety (video)”

  1. Beth Worthy says:

    It’s amazing how its instincts took over when he saw
    another injured dog. Don’t miss the way the hero kept looking around, watching
    out for the moving traffic while dragging the injured dog away. It’s sad that
    the injured dog didn’t make it.

  2. UncleBucky says:

    Well, sorry, but dogs are related to us just as oak trees are related to us. What I am talking about is the basic DNA info. Across eukaryotes we actually share quite a lot.

  3. Fun Paw Care says:

    Hi John,

    Thank you for your article. I am a Certified
    Professional Dog Trainer and behavior expert in Miami Florida. I have been in
    the Miami Herald and many other publications here and nationally. http://www.funpawcare.com/media/

    What looks like
    is occurring in the video on the highway is one sentient being (who is clearly
    street savvy) rescuing another. Dogs are highly intelligent and their cognition
    goes beyond what science can fully understand. We are making great strides and
    findings all the time about our beloved 4 legged friends. Recognizing a clear
    danger, the cars and highway, likely a learned behavior from being a homeless
    dog (street smarts,) the one dog pulls another dog to safety. Without the
    context of this video and the ontology, training and background of the dog in question
    it is impossible to say for certain. This type of behavior can be seen with
    conspecifics or with heterospecific’s.

    One correction:
    Unfortunately, according to the news caster, the second dog died and did not

    Kind regards

    Russell Hartstein CPDT

  4. There are no dog religions. LOL

  5. I was listening to a different story, the one that showed the dog getting hit, they claimed he made it

  6. skwcw2001 . says:

    no matter when, it is still a good lesson to see and be reminded of and a feel good thing in a world of well crap. Thanks john

  7. skwcw2001 . says:

    i honestly dont think they could ever be that good

  8. Whitewitch says:

    Thanks John! Here is hoping someday we all have the same grace as this wonderful-humane dog!

  9. A_nonymoose says:

    I wish humans were as good as dogs.

  10. emjayay says:

    But the TV news report said the injured dog did NOT make it.

  11. Jafafa Hots says:

    That’s because dogs rely on their instinctual empathy for “moral guidance.”
    There are no dog religions.

  12. cole3244 says:

    animals once again prove they are the species worth keeping on earth.

  13. No we aren’t.
    Dogs are better than humans.

  14. I think it might have even been 2008. I hadn’t heard about it.

  15. Jafafa Hots says:

    That happened at least 2 years ago and was major news at the time.
    The sad part is that the “hero” dog was never found and rescued.

  16. UncleBucky says:

    We are all related. Differences are only by degree…

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