Napoleon fish eats video camera, spits it out – all caught on film (video)

Someone from the Musée océanographique de Monaco had a run in with a Napoleon wrasse on a reef. These fish can be fairly large and of course, underwater, they appear to be even larger. Fortunately the fish ate the camera, then spit it out after finding the taste and texture less than desirable.


I’m not a fan of Monaco, but I do love the aquarium at the museum. They renovated it a few years ago, but still managed to keep the old school feel to it, with collections from around the world.

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8 Responses to “Napoleon fish eats video camera, spits it out – all caught on film (video)”

  1. Papa Bear says:

    That’s one tough camera!

  2. sane37 says:

    like what happened to Pattaya. Sigh.

  3. It’s kind of trashy nowadays. Flashy new Russian money.

  4. sane37 says:

    It is

  5. milli2 says:

    Boo……. ;)

  6. Drew2u says:

    I’ve always had the impression that Monaco was a rich-man’s playground like Dubai.

  7. trumandem says:

    I tried to watch it a second time….but I just couldn’t stomach it….

  8. karmanot says:

    There’s something fishy about that!

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