Sea Otter endlessly mocks Australian Cattle Dog

A sea otter has some fun with an Australian Cattle Dog that seems less than amused, and a tad befuddled too.


I’m not sure if the otter is playing with the dog, or whether it just legitimately wants to get on the pier.

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11 Responses to “Sea Otter endlessly mocks Australian Cattle Dog”

  1. WOOF says:

    Otter may be attempting to lure the dog into the water.
    Otter is King in the water.

  2. andyou says:

    In the last few seconds of the video, it looks at if the otter is mocking the dog with a comic gesture that implies jerking off.

  3. George Crain says:

    That ” Otter ” teach that dog a lesson.

  4. You definitely had that sense, didn’t you.

  5. UncleBucky says:

    Yeah, well both are smart. But cats are smarter than dogs (they just don’t brag and beg!)

  6. UncleBucky says:

    Well, Yeah, it seems the otter wants up, but is nobody’s chump!

    I would wonder what would have happened if a person were sitting on the pier, and the otter would have gotten up on the pier, too.

    Does anyone know of the film, “Ring of Bright Water”? An amazing film about people, otters and life.


  7. Danalan says:

    Those things are scary big. My wife had just watched a video for a college class that described the sea otters in Puget Sound as almost extinct; when one hopped up on our dock. It ran up to the deck, then stood up and watched her through the sun-room windows for a while.

    It must have decided we were harmless, since a family of them moved into the bank next to the empty dock across the canal. If you think the adults are interesting, you should see kits playing. This happened before the advent of ubiquitous video recording, so all I have is memories.

  8. HelenRainier says:

    Love these kinds of videos showing different animal species interacting whether in play or just friendship. Animals are so amazing and we humans can learn so much if we keep our minds open to learning from them.

  9. woodroad34 says:

    In my battle to keep the squirrels off my bird feeder, I feel like the dog.

  10. kwd says:

    Yeah, but you see the dog slowly catching-on and predicting where the otter will resurface. Funny critters – both of ’em.

  11. lilyannerose says:

    I say the otter was really messing with that dog!

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