Puppies in wartime (video)

With all this talk of war, there are worse ways to start a morning than puppies.

I did some googling to find the backstory, and found the original photo. It’s from Iraq, and it’s a Reuters photo.  They have some other wonderful photos of animals in wartime up as well.

I also found another nice video of some Army guys in Iraq with another puppy.  And before anyone yells “propaganda!”… perhaps. Or perhaps it’s just a puppy. :)  Good morning, everyone.

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2 Responses to “Puppies in wartime (video)”

  1. SharonB says:

    Nice counterpoint to those assholes that were torturing and killing dogs in Iraq.
    Makes me, as an Army veteran, feel better about today’s military.

  2. Rob Dowdy says:

    To the squeamish or those prone to cry during Kleenex commercials: avoid photo #2 in that slideshow, it’s a total tearjerker.

    Anyway, thanks for the adorable puppy. My partner and I left our two Corgis with my parents when his work took us to Australia for 2 years. Knowing my folks love them and spoil them (my mom took them shopping for Easter dresses, even) makes it okay, but not seeing them for so long is really hard.

    I still dream about them all the time, even six months later. The worst part is waking up and feeling them right there in the bed, out of habit, I guess, and then realizing they are so far away. Going to visit soon, though. Can’t wait!

    John, to answer your question from another thread:

    We would have brought them with us, and we still might, but Australia’s quarantine requirements are insanely strict and complicated, plus it’s bizarrely difficult to get a rental in Brisbane that allows indoor dogs. We were told by our relocation specialist that it’s a “culture thing” and that most Australians don’t find dogs “suitable” for urban living without a yard, that Queensland law doesn’t allow for charging a pet deposit (or something like that), and that most bodies corporate simply disallow pets of any kind in their buildings (like, even hamsters and stuff). So even those few places that will allow dogs that aren’t far from the CBD only allow toy breeds. The Corgis both break the 10Kg limit, if only by a little, so having both of them here is basically a no-go. We were really shocked to discover that the OWNERS of the units aren’t even allowed to have dogs, or even have dogs visit the building.

    It’s a beautiful city, to be sure, but dog friendly it’s not.

    We were a bit shocked by all that, but he was offered the job transfer, it was an amazing opportunity, and we were very rushed for time … my parents are loving it, though. We may never get them back!

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