Russian cat seriously addicted to the vacuum (video)

The vacuum is apparently serious cat-crack.

Enjoy a catty end to the weekend. We’ll be back to our regularly-scheduled angry politics in the morning when I publish some exclusive videos of Russia’s top anti-gay member of parliament – Vitaly Milonov, the author of the anti-gay “propaganda” law – making some outrageous, and bizarre, claims about gay people and chemical weapons.

In the meantime, enjoy this goofy Russian cat and reassure yourself that all things Russian aren’t hateful.

At least not the cats.


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5 Responses to “Russian cat seriously addicted to the vacuum (video)”

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  3. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    My cat is in agreement with Sasha, except she has another trick that Sasha might really like. She goes up the tallest bookcase.

  4. Run!

  5. Indigo says:

    WWSD? [What would Sasha Do?]

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