Gonzo the Italian Greyhound experiences his first snow-day (video)

After what my poor Sasha went through these last few days in Chicago – first, 12+ inches of snow, then -17°F daytime temperatures (without windchill) – I’ve grown increasingly sympathetic to snowbooties for dogs, like this woman with her poor little Italian Greyhound.


I tried snowbooties on Sasha her first winter after she had a really bad experience on salt. Certain salts hurt dogs’ feet – as in, the dog collapses in pain on the sidewalk and won’t move. It’s really bad. But when I got Sasha her first booties, they got lost in the first snowstorm – they tend to come off the dogs’ feet.

Nonetheless, after the last week in Chicago, I’m considering getting the booties again. The poor girl, within about 30 seconds of going outside, starts lifting up her paws and won’t put them back down again. It’s just too cold for her.

So I can commiserate with this woman and her poor little Italian Greyhound, who immediately made me think of Muffit from Battlestar Galactica (who I liked considerably more than the annoying Boxie):


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21 Responses to “Gonzo the Italian Greyhound experiences his first snow-day (video)”

  1. cleos_mom says:

    Greyhounds are special, that’s a fact.

  2. cleos_mom says:

    These breeds also need something soft to lie on since they have so little body fat. If you don’t want to share your sofa, a good dog bed is a must.

  3. cleos_mom says:

    People with greyhounds, Italian greyhounds and whippets needn’t be embarrassed by dressing them for cold weather. Specific dog breeds are are human products, so to speak; and many of them, including not only sight hounds but a lot of small breeds like Chihuahuas, just aren’t adapted to cold weather. Human beings engineered these breeds via selective reproduction and if individuals in those breeds have to live in climates with cold winters, then human beings have an obligation to the dogs to do whatever they need to do to keep the animal reasonably warm. It might look funny but hey! it’s your dog.

  4. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    My girl is very down to Earth. She wears Uggs.

  5. karmanot says:

    So true, Cats prefer Alexander McQueen stiletto snow boots.

  6. emjayay says:

    Why is the pocket flap upside down? Looks a lot like my former dog of unknown ancestry. Do you know about your dog’s?

  7. emjayay says:

    Did everyone notice he managed to lose one bootie at in the last seconds of the video? Maybe booties should be introduced one pair at a time, although I’m sure the front ones are by far the most noticable to a dog. Maybe without the hat and coat at first. And with doggie treats and lying on the couch.

    By the way, the Italian greyhound is the small version, the whippet is the medium size version, and the greyhound is the full size, more or less. They are the only dogs with the “double suspension rotary gallop” in which all four feet are free from the ground in two phases, contracted and extended, during each full stride (thankyou Wikipedia). Italian greyhounds apparently can run into problems because of having such skinny bones and joints.

  8. olandp says:

    Such beautiful dogs, I used to have three retired racing greyhounds, the sweetest most gentle dogs imaginable. I love all of the sight hounds.

  9. Freday63 says:

    He loves to pose in his winter wear…such a ham!

  10. Thom Allen says:

    My sister had the same problem with her dog – ice/salt hurt his paws, so he’d lie down in the snow and whimper. She got boots but he’s kick them off. She got some elastic, measured and sewed one end to each boot. The elastic goes over his back. So if he kicks or shakes his paws, the boots stay on. He’s not thrilled to wear them but she can walk him like she usually does on salt-free days and they both like that.

  11. Henry Owen says:

    I’ve tried putting booties on my doggies, but they always seem to lose any concept whatsoever of which foot goes next. So, I shovel an area for them to go, sprinkle some sand (no salt), and trade frequency for duration, at least until I can retire and get the H.E. double hockey sticks out of Illinois.

  12. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    I showed this to the cat. She sort of snorts when she laughs.

  13. Olterigo says:


  14. HolyMoly says:

    What a funny video. And thanks for the updated pic. I couldn’t quite make out what he looked like without all the winter garb.

    The local pet shops don’t sell any coats, booties, or anything else that fits my biggest dog, so I just get them out to do their business and call them right back in. No walks on days like today, for their own good and my own good too! They don’t seem to mind the cold. Mine are 3 in April and 2 in February, and neither of them has seen any snow. Ought to be entertaining if it ever happens.

  15. cole3244 says:

    although the person is doing it for the dogs own good i bet the dog is thinking anymore of this and i’m running away to a land free of this nonsense.

  16. Whitewitch says:

    Poor Gonzo…he is adorable….hope he got used to the booties

  17. I am laughing so hard at that poor dog that I’m probably going to hell.
    so . . . about doggie booties. My parents live near Park City UT, their house is about 7000 feet above sea level. They get brutal winters. About ten years ago, my mother bought booties for her dog, a little part dachshund part whatever mutt. We put them on him Christmas morning and the poor dog flailed his feet and couldn’t shake them off and ran from person to person in the room hoping someone would take the booties off his feet – it was hysterical watching the poor animal try to shake all four feet at once.
    After one walk outside in the booties, he learned to cope with the booties.
    This time of year, I don’t let my cat outside — the salt, the cold concrete, the ice . . . our pets love us and give us loyalty and we owe them that in return.

  18. LOL I know, I’m gonna google one right now. If you look at the legs etc, and imagine them covered with the coat and booties… http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-7eHdzjM7ewA/T_SebA-YCBI/AAAAAAAAAV0/_gOMEuFTTzU/s1600/italian_greyhound_130_14.jpg

  19. Totally thought the same thing!

  20. cole3244 says:

    wow i thought the greyhound was a robot for a second, cute though.

  21. keirmeister says:

    What in the Sam Hill is that creature? That’s a dog?

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