What to do when a baby lion steals your flip-flops

A really cute video of a guy’s visit to a wild game preserve to do volunteer work.


He went to the Marakele Predator Centre in the town of Thabazimbi, South Africa.  It’s not cheap to volunteer  – it costs around $800US per week, with a minimum two-week stay.  And you sleep in tents.

But, that’s a bit more than $100/day, which you’d probably spend on accommodations anyway – and you wouldn’t have cute little lion cubs chewing your sandals.  And these places need to make money in order to survive, so I’m cool with that.

This would be a dream to do.  Some day. Enjoy.

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9 Responses to “What to do when a baby lion steals your flip-flops”

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  2. cole3244 says:

    its really not a laughing matter at least not to some people.

  3. Not unless you have any proof. Otherwise I’d simply call you a Debbie Downer :-)

  4. lol I seriously doubt it.

  5. Tor says:

    It looks a lot like Wyoming, only greener.

  6. cole3244 says:

    i wonder if this is one of the places that raise big cats to be trophies for canned hunts, anytime humans raise wild predators like this i am suspicious to say the least .

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  8. Marlene Spears says:

    Would it still warm your heart to know that the cute little cub is going to be turned into someone’s wall trophy in a couple of years? Or killed in a few months and ground into lion bone wine?

  9. Drew2u says:

    Tell your congresspersons to cosponsor HR 1998 to limit private ownership of big cats

    Illegal logging in Russia threatens Amur tigers

    Decline of apex predators affects ecosystems everywhere

    Finally, everyone should watch this short video. Awe-Inspiring, in my opinion: How Wolves Change the Course of Rivers

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