Stray dogs from Sochi arrive in DC to be adopted (video)

Ten stray dogs from Sochi, Russia have arrived at a shelter in Washington, DC, and are looking for new homes.




You might remember during the coverage of the Russian Olympics that there was concern that the Russians might shoot thousands of stray dogs to prepare for the games.

At the same time, we reported on Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy finding a litter of puppies, and his desire to rescue them.


The dogs in DC are at the Washington Animal Rescue League. They have a wonderful facility – the best I’ve ever been to. They have these kind-of swinging barn-door stables set up, so that you can visit each dog individually, at your leisure, just leaning over the bottom door to pet them, then move on to the next dog – without having to ask them to take each dog out, which can really be a disincentive to actually meeting all the dogs. I can’t say enough about the place, was just so impressed. I’m very glad these dogs ended up there.

I guess now you’d call them capitalist dogs :)

Here’s a video about their arrival:

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20 Responses to “Stray dogs from Sochi arrive in DC to be adopted (video)”

  1. petulantes says:

    don’t diss these poor animals who could not help where they were born. Anything that raises awareness and gets more adopted into good homes is better than your conditioned response , they aren’t Mexicans….

  2. petulantes says:

    ‘Good’ people don’t last in places like that … I know

  3. Tor says:

    Yes, you are right. It’s a minor issue to me, and I don’t mean to harp on it.

  4. Eh. Ten dogs got saved, and there’s something sentimental about them coming out of Russia right about now. We should be so lucky to have more news stories about pets being saved :) Could do worse :)

  5. Tor says:

    I don’t want to come across as an animal hater – I really love cats and dogs. I have a couple of shelter cats myself. If this is an awareness-raising thing for shelters, etc., then fine. The overall effort just seems rather futile to me.

  6. Damn fur-ner dogs.

    And yes it solves the problem of those ten dogs being killed, and it raises awareness about the pllight of dogs and shelters and the need to adopt overall, and it raises awareness about that particular shelter in DC, which is also great. I really don’t see the downside to this story. Especially since the shelter in Sochi paid for the shots and vet visits, which they would anyway, and Aeroflot paid for the plane tix to send the dogs over, and they wouldn’t have given a dime otherwise to help any dogs in Russia or America.

    I look at it this way: We’re happy to praise one person who goes and rescues a shelter dog. In this case, ten dogs were rescued. So let’s just be happy about it :)

  7. basenjilover says:

    Yay! Now we should do a petition to get San Jose Shelter on Monterey Road (dirtiest shelter I’ve been to) to stop killing dogs and cats at this horrible place. The staff is bad as well.

  8. Sometimes I think we deal so often with angry politics that we can’t turn it off and just be happy for some dogs.

  9. I really hate my iphone sometimes.

  10. Butch says:

    Lots of heart and compassion in some of these comments. Just wow. I won’t be back here.

  11. Tor says:

    Don’t we have enough stray or unwanted dogs of our own in the US? Apart from a very limited number of lucky dogs, does this really solve any real problems? I’ve seen similar “rescues” in Mexico.

  12. Anomaly 100 says:

    Do they bark with a Russian accent?

  13. Anomaly 100 says:

    Damn skippy. Always get rescue animals!

  14. Anomaly 100 says:

    Dogs come to America, another dog, Stephen Seagall wants to defect to Russia.

  15. perljammer says:

    So… they’ve defected to become imperialist running dogs of capitalism?

  16. Naja pallida says:

    You might wanna look into turning off autocorrect. :)

  17. cole3244 says:

    adopt don’t shop breeders are part of the problem.

  18. As I suspected, we didn’t spend a dime on the dogs. The shelter in Sochi paid for the shots, as it would anyway for its own dogs, and Aeroflot paid for the flights. And I doubt Aeroflot would have given a dime to save any dogs or or anyone else otherwise. So the money wouldn’t have been spent at all if it hadn’t been doesn’t in these dogs. It’s not a bad point, and this guy raised the same in his story, but since the Sochi and Aeroflot money wouldn’t have been doesn’t on American dogs, there was no opportunity cost.

  19. Indigo says:

    As they said behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War days, they’ve gone shopping. I’m glad they’re here. We need somebody sensible from Russia, dogs are good ambassadors.

  20. bbock says:

    I love dogs. We lost our shelter dog to old age earlier this year and will end up adopting another as soon as it feels right. But this is ridiculous. We already had too many adoptable, yet unadopted dogs in this country. We really did not need to import more. Seems to me that the money spent on flying over Russian dogs could have served many more dogs at home.

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