Tangled turtle freed by diver — then it comes back to thank him (video)

This is awfully cool.

Colin Sutton & Cameron Dietrich were diving off of Mexico when they found a sea turtle tangled in a rope.

So one of them dove in and attempted to free the turtle, with their handy GoPro camera in hand. Those cameras really are doing an amazing PR campaign – these videos are amazing.

Here’s the turtle and the diver. You can see the rope, and some kind of blue float tied to it:


Here’s a closer look at the rope and the poor turtle’s leg:


Slowly getting untangled – the turtle seems awfully collegial about the whole thing:


Free at last!


Tooter swims off, free and happy:turle-swimming

Then a funny thing happens, Tooter (as I call him) doubles back and starts heading for the guy who freed him:turtle-5

The turtle then swims with the man, face to face:

Then almost chest to chest:turtle-7How cool is that?

Oops, I meant to include the video!

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