Sasha Claus

Okay, it’s admittedly a bit early for Christmas (though you wouldn’t know it from my trip to Home Depot today).

But I was dusting off some of Sasha’s things to bring back to Chicago at Thanksgiving, and I found her Sasha Claus Christmas outfit I got on supersale after the holiday’s last year.

Sasha is not one for hats. Still, she was a trooper for her “I hate you, dad” Christmas photo op.


Just me, or is there a bit of a Miles Standish thing going on there?


She looks like she’s getting ready to pull the Grinch’s sleigh in this one.

My favorite:

The face that launched 1,000 ships

The face that launched 1,000 ships. Or that may smother me in my sleep tonight.

I think I have a better appreciation now for why parents constantly embarrass their kids.

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